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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Well i read somewhere that Goodyear is a new tyre so thought it might be worth it. Are the Vreds that good? I want a tyre thats good in dry/wet and snow, with low tyre wear. They do seem good tyres but how do they compare to say Goodyears?

Also i would like to have the ability to do over 130mph just in case

Shortie (and whoever is ordering tyres soon), I just came across this German tyre site They have good prices and ship to the UK. For eg, those vred tyres you ordered are £114 each shipped to the UK. I think there is more of a saving with higher priced tyres.
Vreds seem to get really good reviews. But i havent found a review yet that groups every modern

I also looked at reifen but wasnt sure on customer service etc if there was a problem