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Originally Posted by ry335 View Post
Good points, thanks. What do you have on your car? I may just get the PE for now and enjoy it. I am less worried about the warranty as I am the potential smell from going cat-less. Which is why I was wondering about better catted DP's, but that does not sound like it is worth the money. The BMS DP just seems like too good of a deal for the price if I can put up with the smell.
My exhaust is completely stock right now, but I plan on getting C-Less downpipes soon. I have an N54 though, which has secondary cats in the midpipes that cuts back on the smell for us. The N55 RWD cars don't have secondary cats, so if you got a C-Less downpipe you would smell it more (nothing to "filter" the exhaust when fully catless).

I agree with you on catted DP's not being worth the money. They are more expensive than a C-Less downpipe, don't provide as much of a gain, and the restriction is still there, along with the other points regarding warranty etc. Not saying it dousn't provide any gains, it's just less of a gain for more money compared to the C-Less option. If I were in your position, I would just get the BMW PE considering you already have the PPK, and you wouldn't have to worry about any warranty issues down the road.