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Originally Posted by jippii ensio View Post
Vishnu has the tuning covered already and Tony is in talks with them, so tuning is not a problem at all. Plumbing is the challenge.

Tony, comparing the compressor maps of gtx vs gt-series the advantage is in the area of the high pressure ratios. Supporting the high boost at N54 cr requires high octane + cooling. 4 meth nozzles and loads of e85 can do the trick. Procedeflash and the upgraded lpfp will provide all the fuel you need. I hope all goes well and gt(x) twins will be among the feasible good options. You talk about gtx2863r. How about gtx2860r?
Hey man posted this on the other site, not sure you saw it. The great thing about using the GT / GTX package is, I am going to offer multiple variations of the stage 3 all using the same package. So you want a middle of the road set up go with the GTX2863 they are claimed by garrett to support 425 each. You want quicker spool and less power go with the smaller GTX2860 400 each, or go with the biggest set up the GTX2867 they support 475 each. I will also be offering 3 options in the straight GT series with no billet wheel for a reduced price. So basically you will have 6 options and they all are exactly the same size package wise, just the internals change. Makes for a very flexible system, because not everyone has the same goals.