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Originally Posted by Tom K. View Post
You left out an important parameter. Over what distance are you reading mpg?

The best my 328i has done over a 250 mile tankful is about 33 mpg, normal is closer to 29 or 30 for highway driving and 24 overall.

And do you have a turbo or NA motor? It makes a difference.

Hey, Tom
Great points. This was over about 150 highway miles at around 70ish and cruise control most of the time so throttle adjustments were not that drastic. It's pretty flat here in south Florida so hills were not much of a factor in lowering the average but the subtle inclines followed by long declines certainly played in my favor. My engine is non-aspirated ( )

Normally I'm not even close to this number, typically it's low 20's which is why I was compelled to post this in the first place. I was actually thinking my low 20s was shi++y and I was suddenly seeing something more "normal". I guess low 20s for predominately highway driving is on point and high teens for city.