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Originally Posted by sea335i View Post
It could be. But is it a diy kind of thing?
I had to do it on my E90. I updated all the firmware to V32 6 or 8 months after I bought mine used (still had the original 2006 firmware, whatever that was). I updated with winkfp. I can't remember for sure what didn't work, but I posted on a different forum and a kind soul there gave me the FSC DVD, but I had to use Progman 32 to apply it. I think you may be able to do the FSC update with Tool32, but I'm not sure.

The reason I thought this might be an issue is that it's from a different vehicle and the newer CIC units refuse to work with the wrong VIN and require a hack of sorts to make them work as a retrofit install. It may be the case that a newer firmware CCC unit from a different car refuses to work when retorfit. The other unit you tried and worked may have been older firmware. I'm pretty sure that you can change the VIN in the CCC units with Tool32 (and possibly Progman).

Like I said, just a guess. Shooting in the dark.