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Originally Posted by Vaheed1 View Post
You know, I was asking my brother this very question last night - after reading the new S3 will pack 300bhp and a 0-60 time of 5.1 seconds. There's very little difference between 'sports cars' and 'family' cars, in terms of performance now.
The thing in with the S3 and and the likes, with the 4WD and the DSG boxes some amazing 0-60mph times are being achieved but after that the sheer power of the sports car makes all the difference.

Progressively after 60MPH the S3 will fade off from something with more power.

Originally Posted by Nick the Greek View Post
Obviously something wrong with the M3 given the way it struggled to drop a diesel family saloon. How embarrassing. Another 200 bhp needed there before honour is restored.....

People assume that the differences are huge, but visually they are a lot smaller than people would imagine.

However a car 2 seconds faster to 100MPH will feel much faster inside the car and equate to 7-8MPH faster when it reaches 100MPH from a standing start.

Have a blast down a quarter mile and see how difficult, when in the same conditions, it is to gain a tenth or two of a second.

Think about car racing where after 2.5miles of racing 0.5sec is seen as a huge margin.

Margins feel bigger inside and the slower driver no matter how close he thinks he might be will never make that gap up.

Pulling 0.3 tenths ahead after just a short burst of acceleration soon starts adding up around a track or when having a proper blast.