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Originally Posted by Gibson6594 View Post
I tried to search for an answer to this, but found nothing...

Recently, when I shift my 07 335i, there is a sort of clicking feel in the clutch on the way up. Almost as if the clutch getting caught on something on the way up, a snagging felling. It happens about halfway up on the clutch depress. Sometimes it's there all the time and other times it goes away.

Anyone know of what this could be?

Thanks guys.

Two possibilities - the throwout bearing starting to go bad or the pivot point for the shift fork requires lubrication. My guess is the latter and that's very easy to check and rectify. I assume it happens whether the engine is running or not?

There is also a switch on the clutch pedal to sense when it is pressed but that's at the very top of the stroke (pedal almost fully up). Since you say it happens halfway, that's probably not it.