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Originally Posted by Lotus 7 View Post
My 2006 328xi wagon would not start several days ago. The steering wheel would not unlock nor could I get the car out of gear. The car would not crank either. I tried a jumper box but it would not start the car. I put a charger on the car overnight and still nothing.

The next day I got out my small code reader and the problems seemed to be with the IBS. I got to the battery and found the IBS and disconnected it (blue connecter). Once it was disconnected the car started fine. There was water in the battery box which I pumped out. I let everything dry out but when I plug the IBS back in the car will not start and I have the same symtoms once again. Not sure exactly what the IBS does other then disable a car that would otherwise run just fine. The fact that it disables the car rather then just throwing a code is very annoying. If I did not find this tread I would have had to have the car flat bedded to a dealer and it would have to be dragged onto the flatbed as I could not put the car in N.

So far the car has not thrown any codes with the IBS disconnected. Does anyone know if it will be a problem if I leave it in the present state? Has anyone replaced and IBS before? I can see it on the top of battery negative terminal. It does not look hard to replace. If anyone has any thoughts on how I might get my present IBS back working that would be great. Of course I also need to find the leak into the battery box. It seems to be coming from rear quarter window. If anyone knows what this might be I would be grateful.


In my case, the disconnect did not throw a check engine light. A code was discovered when trying to upgrade the AA tune on my car. Fortunately, reconnecting the IBS took care of it. My car did not exhibit any bad behavior prior to re-connection.