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Originally Posted by islandroad83 View Post
Awesome thanks for the info. I did notice there you were under your warranty though. I bet this has some impact on how they treated your car. How bad was your rattle, anything like what i posted above?

I know there must be some other people within NE that had their turbos replaced outside of their regular warranty?
Hi, sorry I didn't realize you had replied to my post until right now. I don't think my wastegate rattle was as bad as yours (although it's hard to tell from the video)... You're correct that I was still under bumper to bumper when the car went in for service (picked it up after waranty expired. Just got in!). I wouod call them and make an appointment. You might need to pay the diagnostic fee, but I'm not sure how the new extended warranty works.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!