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Campaigns and constant issues of race brought upon by the media, progressive liberal interest groups, and various methods of indoctrination creates an artificial divide.. and it enforces a master slave mentality. it is up to the "lucky and superior whites" to be more compromising and open.

The truth is america has made great strides in integrating the races, to the point where blacks actually have positively skewed opportunities, given that they are at a similar level as whites or even lower.

Ads like this reinforce white dominance, and black inferiority.

The liberal kind of racism is the worst kind.. reinforcing my belief that white liberals are the most racist people in America today. Also, I'm not really sure how a white man can lead a "You can't see racism if you're white" campaign, it seems kind of contradictory to me.

People are seeing through this charade. It is the most pernicious form of racism out there. Worse than some redneck yelling racial profanities.. because at least that is direct and face to face.

This liberal brand of racism sees blacks as pets that need to be PROTECTED BY THEM.. and as the LUCKY WHITES, they are given the money, resources, intellectual mandates to upkeep this position. White liberals treat African Americans the same way PETA treats dogs, as helpless and ignorant creatures who can't make it in this world without their help.

It is institutionalized and academical racism which is indoctrinated by many universities throughout America today. Also I would argue that non-liberal small town whites get some discrimination too. they are always portrayed as backward fools on TV. Also the non-liberal white male seems to be the most targeted and restricted in terms of what he can or cannot say.

This stuff is paralyzing for a nation and only seeks to divide. It is in their interest to keep them helpless. They need the power trip and the support base.The true racists are getting exposed. It's beautiful to watch. The Truth may not set you free but it's beautiful to share it and know it.