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Originally Posted by Rselby View Post
It sure was fun doing European Delivery and breaking the car in on the Autobahn. That made the new car purchase worth it right there.
I can just imagine! Must have been awesome doing that!

Originally Posted by Rselby View Post
I don't like the idea of no spare, but then again, I can't remember the last time I had to swap a tire on a car due to a flat.
If you happen to be a Costco Executive member who has their Ameriprise car insurance, one of the perks is free roadside assistance. I happen to fall into that category, so maybe I can live without a spare. But I'll check out the M Mobility Kit just the same.

Originally Posted by Rselby View Post
Why aren't Tourings more common? Several reasons, I believe. Most importantly, they are basically a special-order vehicle. No dealers stock new wagons on the lot, for the most part.

Funny you should mention that. My 2009 E91 is a lease return sold at auction that I bought from a dealer here in Washington state. It was originally sold new by BMW of San Francisco. I was in SF last month on other business, and dropped into that dealership to check them out. Their new vehicles were lined up outside, with only a half dozen or so indoors. And one of those inside vehicles was a 2008 E91! I thought that was kind of strange, since I'd expect a four year old used car to be kept outside, leaving showroom floorspace for something new and very expensive. I didn't see any other E91's on the lot - new or used.


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