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Originally Posted by ASBSECU E93 View Post
I had the opportunity to acquire 750 AAPL shares in 2002 @ $15.00 per share....still own every share.

When the supply chain is situated, shares will hit $800 by Christmas...Then it's time to sell....
Thats awesome congrats. But you should be taking some off the table slowly on the way up. Why sell all at $800? What if it goes to $1,000? What if it never hits $800? No one ever got hurt taking a profit. I tend to be more conservative and think of it this way...if I sold some now with a large profit and then shares went up a lot I would be upset but oh well, I still profited. But if I hung on and shares plummeted I would be irate and kick myself.

Im a long time AAPL shareholder too (though not nearly as many shares as you!). Try not to get greedy because as they say...hogs get slaughtered.

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