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Originally Posted by BMW_Belgier View Post
Mustang: impossible fuel consumption
Define "impossible". I'm getting ~1-2MPG less than I did in my 335 on the same daily commute, and I definitely drive the Mustang harder (I blame that engine note, but 420 horses doesn't hurt either!).... And if you look at the EPA ratings for the 335 and the 5.0, and I think they're off by 1-2 from each other (I think my '08 335 was rated at 17/26 and the 5.0 is 15/26, but the new 335 with the 8spd will be much better). Hardly a gas guzzler. The American automakers have done a real good job with V8 fuel efficiency for a while now. I'd throw in there that the 5.0 will take non-premium gas, but I think it's in the same boat as the N54/55 in that regard, it just won't run at peak power and efficiency, so that is a moot point.

Originally Posted by bbkg79 View Post
The mustang = power but no handling unless modded, and I'm assuming bad gas mileage for a daily
"No handling"? You guys kill me.... Also, see above for mileage concerns.

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