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Thanks guys. As i'm sure everyone thinks of their own dog.... he was the perfect dog. You wouldn't have wanted to break into my house with him in there but he probably would have only licked you to death. Excelent temperament, great health throughout his life, didn't require any special stuff. You could drop roast beef on the floor and he wouldn't touch it unless you said it was ok. Didn't chew on anything, had a bladder made of steel. Only scared of thunder and large cardboard boxes....haha.

On wednesday night i came home from work and he was at the door as usual. Ran to get a toy, brought it to me to play a bit. Got mouthy at me when i didn't play long enough. Thursday he only got out of bed once and barely met me at the door. Was obvious that he didn't want to walk. Friday morning was worse. So yeah, he was 100% as much as an old dog would be. He was about 90 years old in dog years. The vet said that the tumor would have likely ruptured in the near future causing a quick painless death. But since he couldn't get around anymore and was so obviously uncomfortable we felt that keeping him alive was just selfish.

I really appreciate the sentiment from all of you.
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