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335i oil consumption

Hi All,
I've asked this question on the 5 & 6 forums, but I'm not getting much response as yet, so I thought I'd have a go here.
I've just traded in my 535d for a 2011 640i convertible, which I think has a pretty similar engine to the 335i.
I've covered 1k miles since purchase and the oil level on the display screen has dropped just under a quarter from the full mark, but it's still showing green and there's no message to add oil.
I've called the dealer service department and they've assured me that this is normal, but as we all know, they're sometimes prone to embellishing the truth!
So what I'd like to know is:-
1. What is considered normal for oil consumption?
2. At approximately which point does the display bar graph change from green to yellow and then to red.
3. At which point does the 'Add Oil' message appear and does it state the required quantity? (I'm well aware of the danger of overfilling)
I'd very much appreciate any help - thanks,
Jon D.