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Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho View Post
Don't piss away the 2,000+ years of conquering and emasculate yourselves. It's a sad sight to see the most privileged race biting it's own tail. This is the worst kind of idiocy, indeed. Own up to that advantage and wreck the world with it.

Don't be that rich hippie kid who looks down on his own rich parents whilst driving a free car.
A sizable chunk of Occupy WS protestors and the off-shoot Black Bloc were ironically part of the white privileged, well-to-do group. Many are reaping the benefits of their family trust-fund hence the term "Trustafarians", thus are nowhere even close to the "99%" they are trying to mesh with.


The idea is to sow confusion. What they don't like are absolutes or fixed truths we can all agree on.

Respect the family, respect traditions, respect education, respect the elderly. They hate this shit because EVEN THEY cannot deny these truths

The progressive program is like a hydra whore with 1000 diff. heads.. 1000s of different manifestations but it basically preaches the same chaos and destruction. in the face of such confusion use straight simple eternal truths to combat it.

The 'progressive' liberal thrive in grey areas where they can easily shift positions.. they are like the 'Taoist' water principle.. Pour water into a cup, become the cup. pour water into a vase, become the vase.

That is precisely why they are so successful. A covert form of divide and conquer.

Upright people are like rocks that don't move or change.. and can easily be chipped away by evildoers using stone tools to carve you into their image. Progressive liberals don't have much use for Asians (and in most cases despise them), considering they're not as easily manipulated as other minorities, and don't fit into the liberal idea that all minorities need the white man's help to succeed.

I normally don't get worked up about these things, however, a bunch of rich privileged whites that live in communities that are 99% white telling a poor white kid in Appalachia that has no father and a pillhead mother that he has an easier life than Obama's daughters because of the color of his skin is completely asinine.

Fortunately people are waking up from their slumber. The lies they have been peddling have been monumental.

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