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I have an update with this spacer business. As some of you may have read, I seem like the biggest skeptic of them all. So here's my review.

So I just received my Spacer (thanks Tim) - I did a quick install of it (no silicone/screws didn't even tighten all the way in. But it seemed snug and snappy.

After install there were no lights.. no rev's bouncing around too much and the car is happy to accept the new MAF height.

1st gear - I was thrown back in my seat like I haven't felt in a LONG time
2nd gear - ZERO lag - pulls STRONGLY all the way from 2K to 5K.. NO SURGING
3rd gear - I'm already speeding at this point but the pull is still quite strong.

So.. uh... it works.. surprisingly. The noise has changed as well for the better, you can hear the intake working harder. I have no idea how this little thing makes such a HUGE difference on the car but it just does. It's changed it completely. I literally had 40% power between 1-4K before and huge power surge after but if I were to run side by side with my cars ghost (without the spacer) I would absolutely demolish it now.

I'm stunned. Thanks Tim! Contact AFE about this ASAP