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Originally Posted by Nick the Greek View Post
Depends on your definition of fast dbx. Give me a car that will go from standstill to 150 mph in sub 11 seconds and we will agree that it is fast. An M3 is not fast.

I am merely using my GSXR1000 as a yardstick as I consider that to be fast. It drops M3s in the 'now you see me, now you don't' manner.

Why on earth are you comparing bike with cars??

A Veyron can do 0-150 in circa 10.5-11 secs buts that's a million quid mate,

Your making pointless comparisons.

Lots of people own fast bikes, they don't start mocking cars though.....

An M3 is a quick car, a 330d is a quick car, a Ferrari 458 & 599 are super quick cars.. All slower than a litre bike.. But what the fuck has that got to do with it.

A 800HP GT-R pulls away from GSXR1300 in a straight line, but I'm not one for comparing cars with bikes.

Most people on here will never afford a car that can do 0-150 in 11 secs, even modified cars (shit boxes tuned) would cost massive amours to produce that performance.

So I'll stand by what I've said. An M3 is a fast car, anything sub 10 secs to 100mph is a really fast car!!
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