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Originally Posted by wepio View Post
I tried asking this question on a different thread, but I haven't gotten any resonses. I am hoping one of you guys can help.

I just got a 2009 E92. Loaded up music from a flash drive. Does anyone know if you can move the files out of a directory? It is very annoying to have a new directory created each time I load music. I just want all the music folders shown when I recall the "Music Collection" function.

From the manual, my understanding and experimentation, the iDrive system creates a new folder each time it imports from a USB drive, containing all the songs on it. To import as individual albums, you would need to copy the album to USB drive, import, and then repeat the process for a different album. AFAIK, there is no way to move the files around once imported.

If you import from a CD, it will "rip" the album and tag it correctly. I gave up with it all, and keep a 30gb ipod plugged into the connector in the console.