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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Finally installed it.
First impression, very loud.
Reviewed it again, plenty of rattling from the car. Rear boot lid rattles like hell and number plate holder keep vibrating.

Quick Review:
I have SWS-8s and after that very little difference that this sub makes in terms of sound quality (SQ).

The difference is that
1- My headrest vibrates.
2- I can feel low frequencies in my ribs.
3- Rear view mirror shakes
4- Rear seats are massager seats now.

Other than these non-significant difference, I don't feel that it justifies its price tag. It is more sort of loud sound but hardly matches the bass of SWS-8.
Hang on! What did I just say?
Yes, you read it correctly, however don't get me wrong, as there is no comparison of JL W7 and SWS-8s but the bass from JL W7 is coming from a distance and I can feel SWS-8s closer to me.
I have also tweaked the phase and results are better if sound waves are coming at 180 degress and they are more in phase with SWS-8s and mids.

I feel the presense of JL W7, if I am sitting in the rear cabin or by punchy feeling behind my ribs.

Well, JL W7 is lost in the trunk. If there was a way of opening the sub into cabin, that would justify its presence.
The problem with most BMW boots is that they are sealed. Putting a box in the boot is not a great idea, its like putting a box in a bigger box. Sound waves will just reflect and bounce back off the sides and cancel each other out (maybe explains your lack of perceived output). This will also cause a lot of rattle.

To minimise rattle and get an improved output the best 2 options are:

1) For a sub that requires a larger enclosure volume than what's available in the corner, an IB installl through the ski hatch will work well.
2) For a sub that requires an enclosure volume that is available in the corner, and if you can be bothered to make one/buy one, then a corner enclosure would work well. Apparently this method doubles the perceived output of the sub. Not sure why but that's what Kaigoss says.

Having said that I hope your issue is a configuration one and you manage to sort it out. If not try another sub!

Edit: No matter how much you Dynamat the boot, the rattle will still be there unfortunately with your set up