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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Sounds morbid, but we had hoped that one morning he wouldn't get up and have died in his sleep. 10 months ago the vet said that rarely happens and most dogs put up a fight that forces you to make that decision. Guess the expert was right.

We are looking a some puppies online.... i'm sure that will help, but it won't help our house or sleep patterns any.... haha We have both been dreading getting a puppy. We fear we won't get the perfect dog again. Hopefully our training played a big role in his behavior. Probably won't get a puppy for a few months though.
We were thankful to have a vet who's a good friend of ours, and was very straightforward and honest with Jimi's condition at the end. His cancer had surrounded his liver, and while we could have operated, it would have made the end of his life hell and only extended it a short time. Hard decision, but we just tried to make the last few months of his life the best we possibly could.

Best of luck with the pup. I think we waited about a year... Just like kids, no two dogs are the same, but if you raise 'em right, you're bound to enjoy each other's companionship for a long time.
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