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Originally Posted by Nick the Greek View Post
You make my point dx. It depends on your point of reference. A nine year old M3 has a similar cross country performance to a modern hot hatchback. E46 bridge to gantry is 8.22, the Megane RS26 runs 8.17. Neither is fast if you compare their times to a Zonda clubsport at 7.24.

If you are happy with your M3s performance that's great. Personally I need more to get my kicks.

The R26R has track tyres on it. Couple the fact the M3 time was done in December says the M3 is quicker! Compare the like for like CSL and that's in the 7:50 bracket...

Let's not forget the R26R ain't no ordinary "hatchback" it's a car thats as quick as a 1M and quicker than an Exige S & Cayman S around the ring also... It's not bloody Astra VXR or Focus RS is it. It's a Stripped out track tool.

"Personally you need more kicks"

You make out your a god...

Of course a bike is more exhilarating. Not all of us can afford a car & bike.

Personally I only get a kick out of racing. Still enjoy my slow road car though.
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