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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Suggest fixes rather than throwing up your hands and telling people to buy a different car and your advice might even be helpful.

He did suggest fixes in his post (oil cooler, intercooler, LSD, radiator). I don't think he meant to insult anyone, but he's telling the truth, lol. But if you are just doing a few track days, it's no big deal, just run what you brung and don't put a ton of work into your car. Just avoid the hot summer months and you should be mostly okay.

but if you are really serious about tracking, you need to be prepared to spend a very large amount of money, and you'll have to give up some of the creature comforts that make the 335i such a great street car. After it's all added up, you could have used that money to get a 2nd car for the track that would be faster, and more fun than the 335i on the track, yet you'll still be able to keep your comfortable 335 for the street.