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Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335 View Post
Agreed brother, but I did get warranty work done with Dinan parts on the car- an engine mount (replaced free under warranty not related).

The likelihood of something failing due to a Dinan part is relatively low- they work pretty closely with BMW in regard to how their parts are tolerated with the OEM systems.

But hey, you know they say -pay to play folks. Otherwise stay stock. That's how I see it.

All I know is I'd rather be with a failure and have a snowball's chance in hell of having it covered under some kind of warranty relating to BMW then have some piggyback and depend on some third-party vendor to clean up the mess, sifting through cryptic error codes and emails to get me back on the road.

That said, any kind of tune is pushing your car beyond the OEM limitations, and it is going to put some kind of wear and tear upon the engine and all its related parts.

There is no getting over it, or around it. There is no "safe tune" out there.

Everyone has their preference in tuning, and I can respect them all- this just happens to be the right choice for me.

The PPK is okay but it left me wanting more. I went the PPK route- and didn't even notice it really.

Good luck with whatever you decide Ninja.
There is a rather big thread with lots of review on the PPK...

I'm happy with my PPK. It makes the car as it should be from the factory! But it is def not a lot that you get more...

I do have a second reason why i'm happy having the PPK... The burble is really nice

@Dark_Knight_335: We don't have Dinan here You can be sure i would have your stage 3 aswell...
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