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Exclamation Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo: Creaminz 58mm 6AT Independent Testing Results

Hi guys,
Been busy at the shop lately. But here is some info I got this morning from one of our 6AT single turbo customers (Creaminz). He lives in southern California and is preparing for some kind of magazine shootout. So yesterday, his car was tested at Buttonwillow Raceway where he said it performed flawlessly (with Ivan at LTBMW behind the wheel). He ran it a 20psi which was far too much power for this tires (sounds like fun to me!). It didn't overheat or limp in any way. The only issue they had a charge pipe that popped off at the throttle body. Once tightened down, the car was good to go.

And then today, he took the car to EAS ( to test it on their in-house Dynojet. We were not present during these tests (400 miles away). Until today, the most power an n54 ever put down on that dyno, according to EAS, was 470whp. Despite the 102F shop temps, Creaminz car put down:


We've tested similarly equipped 58mm single turbo 6ATs ourselves and they routinely make 570-575whp. But those tests were done in 60-80F temps, not 100+

Logs look fine. Timing is good. Fuel trims are identical (although we've since then updated the map to offer more open loop fueling above 5500rpm). And on-boost AFR is rock solid at ~11.9:1.

But as you can see, we are still working diligently on getting the transmission control unit to shift at 7000+ RPM. If we can do that, the car can easily make 600+whp at the same boost level. Currently, this is why 6MTs have a top end advantage now since they make power up to 7200rpm. But you'd never realize that after driving a single turbo 6AT. There is a lot to say about no losing boost between gears

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