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ESS Support Problem (Options Needed)

Hi guys,

I was hoping this would be resolved today, but unfortunately it is not... Let me preface this thread that my intent is not to bash ESS, but rather to understand my options at this point. I have left the names out of it intentionally, and I was always polite.

here's the cliff notes:

- Got an ESS E-Flash for my N54 335 (arrived Friday)

- Installed the software on my PC, read out my current file, and emailed it to them (Saturday)

- Received the stage 1 and stage 2 files back in return that night (Saturday overnight)

- Realized that I got them while laying in bed with my girlfriend and was like a little kid on Christmas... I was out of there before she even woke up which is never the case.

<Whoo hoooo! Everything is going great at this point and I am super impressed with the weekend turnaround>

- Went to install the stage 2 file and the upload failed midway (Sunday AM)

- ESS software would then not recognize my car's VIN or ECU

- Attempted recovery of my original software, but software was looking some type of override to upload without reading out my car's VIN from the ECU.

- Car will not start at this point. Starter just keeps trying.

- Emailed ESS software support explaining the failed upload, that my car wouldn't start, and that the car is my daily driver which I use to commute to/from work. This was still Sunday so I did not have high expectations for a reply which is fine.

- Decided to work from home because I can do that sometimes. I figured working from home would enable the situation to get squared away. Juggled meetings to do so.

- Received an email this morning (Monday) from ESS asking if the software guy got in touch with me. I replied he had not.

- Called ESS to inquire on what the solution / timing might be (9:45 PST). was told the software guy works remotely and generally is online in about an hour.

- Wait 2.5 hours. Called ESS Again. They said they would call the software guy.... Nothing.

- Waited another 2 hours. Emailed asking when he might be expected to come online.

- Followed up with a phone call. Got the same I'll call him now. I got nothing in return.

- Called in the late afternoon, and got a different employee who actually seemed to express concern. He stated that the software guy was expected to be in the office today, but he wasn't sure when and said he would be sure that I was at the top of his list.

- End of day rolls around and I am calling the shop. No answer. At this point I was finally frustrated. I must have called 5 times over 30 minutes. Nothing.

- Emailed every email account that I had for ESS with the same message. Essentially restating the situation, expressing my concern, and I went so far to say that I am getting a bit concerned about even having this software on my car because it doesn't seem like they support it.

- Got an email back saying that they had sent their software guy a text and that he must be really busy with something. They did apologize and stated that they were sure he would get back to me by end of day (this was at end of day). Their credibility is pretty much shot in my mind at this point.

- I did reply stating my disappointment in the situation and that I wished they were just straight with me and said their software guys was MIA because I then could have spent the day taking my car to a dealer rather than waiting at home for ESS to get in touch for the whole day.

Now I am left considering getting my car flat-bedded to a dealership in the AM to get software reinstalled. Does anyone know what a software upload costs? There's a dealership about 20 miles from home and I have AAA Platinum so the tow would be free.

Do I have any other options at this point besides either a tow to a dealer or waiting on ESS for a unknown period of time? I do have an OBD II cable if that helps anything.

Any insight would be very much appreciated. I'm feeling pretty deflated...

I feel bad posting this right now, but they really left me hanging today with a dead car in a big way. I'm sure this software is going to be great once (if) I get over this hurdle.

Sorry for the long post, so much for the cliff notes. Thanks