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Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
so it's an older X50 (circa 2006?) with the S7 horn which has greater "off axis" detection than the newer M4's. might be something someone would be interested in if they lived in a hilly,curvy area. There are some enthusiasts who might be willing to fork over some green for a detector that is not made anymore and is fairly rare.

Either way good price for a solid detector that has had recent service. *thumbs up*
Honestly...I was thinking circa 2008...but you are killing me with details.

I have no idea what the S7 or M4 is...or what it does LOL.

It's an 8500 X50 (which is still made)'s just not new. Were there any changes between when it was made and now - maybe...I just wouldn't be able to say as I have no idea.

I just want this gone as it's taking up space on my desk...