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Originally Posted by sebaNYC View Post
(thanks ROBNYC to remind me about this thread)

Yeah, i got that unit, straight from the factory in china, they shipped really fast and everything looks good.

I had a lot of issues with the installation, idk if was the shops where i went to do the installation or was the unit.

The first shop was 212 motoring, suppose they are good, fancy and blah blah, they did a shitty installation and they couldnt make it work with the factory system (hifi)

so basically the stereo was connected straight to the speakers, they disconnected the Amp. They said i didn't have the right harness.

I went to another shop to fix this and they make it work, but i the factory amp is small, i barely can hear something, i replaced it for an aftermarket amp.

that's about the installation.

The unit doesn't fit perfect, at the bottom, where is the controls for the AC and stuff doesn't flush, is not like crazy out of place, but you can notice.

the disc player doesn't work properly, but is an issue of my unit, im still wating.. for an answer from them (like 5 month already) is not big deal for me because i don't use cds or dvds.

the GPS is not very accurate, i use the garmin and i put in both the same address to go to Boston, on my garmin said 3.5 hrs and the Stereo said 5.5 hrs.

I kept it running the GPS and after like 2.5 hours crashed, got frozen and i had to restart the stereo.

After all this time, i tried to use the GPS again, and it didnt work at all, i don't know what happen but doesn't "run" the GPS, just the main screen. The GPS software is the "IGO"

The steering wheel controls doesn't work very smooth, sometimes you have to PRESS (really hard) to make it work, some days work perfect and other it doesn't, and when im listening music through Bluetooth the controls doesn't work at all.

Oh and when im talking on the phone, using bluetooth, nobody can hear me.

If you connect your iphone/ipod, you can NOT look for an artist for example, it has basic controls, like play, stop, back, forward, shuffle and those kind of stuff.

the interface is horrible, specially when you are using discs, flashdrives, dvds, you know that unit is running winCE because is that interface what you are looking, folder, files, etc.

for the price that i paid, i wasn't expecting something good or quality, basically you get for what you pay.

why did i keep it?

because it has a bunch of stuff, bluetooth, cd, dvd, SD cards, 2 USB, iphone, GPS, tv turner input, cameras input....

By the way, i ordered the Cam, another piece of Sh...

and the most important (at least for me) looks like OEM. That's the only reason why i still have it

Sorry guys i dont want to screw your business, im a regular guy, trying to get some upgrades for my car and this was my experience.

why i didnt get another stereo? (pioneer, kenwood, etc) because the only few Bezels available for the e90 are HORRIBLES
I am sorry, but that looks horrible.