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Hello folks, what a pleasure to finally own my first bmw its a 2008 335xi, and first problem as soon as I got the car: overheating issue, motor runs excellent, however when the operating temp is reached the pump will not operate, already replaced pump and thermostat, got one fault stored in DME: 2e84 no communication with the water pump, what are the common fixes? Can anyone describe operation of the fuse block on top of the battery since I heard its related to the water pump, Help me get back on the road! thanks!
Could you have left the temp sensor on the water pump off? If so there woould be "no communication" There is a plug that is attached to the WP that needs to be plugged in well. Also the ground for the WP is just in front an dto the driver side of the pump. If it is loose or disconnected it too would result in "no communication".