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Yep, i've put one of these bad boys in the camera as soon as I got them.

Buffer wise, i didnt gain much. With my sd's, I was getting 15 shots in continuous at 4/sec before the buffer limitations kicked in. With those, I got up to 18. The buffer is clearing faster tho; but its pretty much useless for the use I make since my sequences rarely get longer then 10 shots.

But all my playback issues are gone. I freaked out a bit at the first use because browsing pictures was SLOW; like a second between the time where I press on the d-pad and the time where the next picture shows up. But realized I've never formatted them. So it was ok after that.

I'm happy with the purchase still. And it was a must. I'm only getting 400 shots out of each 32gb. I can now head out on my trips without having to bring my laptop everywhere. 5 batteries and 4 x32gb and 2x 8gb; should be good for a whole week.
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