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Bad tow service to stay away from

Just wanted to give you guys some feedback on a towing service which REALLY disappointed me today. Was on my way to work today and my car overheated suddenly on the on-ramp from HWY 401 to HWY 427. It went to the yellow engine overheated symbol to Red in 10 seconds and power was cut. I ended up stalling in a place where there is barely any shoulder.

I called the bmw road side assistance and they said they would send out a tow truck through Abrams Towing, and that I had to wait for an hour. I specified that I needed a flat bed truck since my car is lower than normal. Just over an hour passes and a truck finally comes, but its not a flat bed.. the guy comes to my window and says he cant take me since my car is too low, and that I should have specified (which i did). He calls for a flat bed and drives off, saying it would be another hour... ...

I figure my car is probably cooler by now so I try to get off the highway.. i get 1 km further up the highway until i have to shut it off again. About 45 mins have now gone by since the tow truck came, so i give Abrams a call again and ask for their update... and they tell me "its going to be another 90 mins"... At this point i'm fairly upset having spent almost 2 hours on the side of the highway. So i decided after a while to just try to get to the next exit again, and luckily i did... just got off the next exit on to a side street before the engine overheated again and i had to shut it down. (btw i know i shouldnt have kept starting my car but i just had to get off the highway). i call Abrams again and they guy says he is still about an hour away.. I got so fed up i just told him not to come anymore since i was only a couple km away from the dealership.. and his priceless response "Ya i was kinda expecting you to make your own way before i got there" ...... :S thats some great customer service. I eventually got my car to the dealership by myself... after waiting 3 hours for a tow that never came. I'd expect BMW to give these towing contracts to people who provide much better customer service.

The problem with my car turned out to be a malfunctioning water pump. which is being replaced on CPO.