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Originally Posted by AiyahPK View Post
You can claim colorblindness all you want and claim the American Dream is obtainable through hard work but there are a variety of other factors that contribute to one group's success and another's failure (whatever you want to define those two attributes).
There is no such thing as a utopian society where the "variety of other factors" are null. I think all of us, regardless of color, sex, religion, education, location, ect... are always going to deal with a select few factors that have been stigmatized into people's brains, rather they are stereotypes or whatever...

That is life.

Thinking that we can create a society that is trouble free/dilemma free can become incredibly destructive. While we all agree with the intentions and motivations of policies/laws/whatever that remedy any given issues, there are few that think about the repercussions/costs- "WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!"

As for racism (the given issues), going on a vocal print campaign that paints the white man as privileged and oppressive (the remedy) is incredibly and ironically regressive.