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My car is a 2007 (Manufacture date: Oct 2006).
It has the Professional head unit but NO Bluetooth etc......

I've done some more digging on the Hi-Fi Coding threads, but there is still one thing that confuses me:

If I get my HU coded to Hi-Fi, I understand that the high level speaker outputs are converted to Low Level signals (Same as RCA phono outputs on an after-market HU) and the full frequency range is retored (Front and Back) with the horrible BMW EQ removed!!!!

My question is: as my HU doesn't have RCA outputs, I assume the Low level output is provided via the existing speaker wires?

If so, how do I now connect the HU up to my 4 channel amp? This has inputs for Low Level RCA's or High Level Speaker wires.

Do I use a LOC? or will this try to convert the already Low level output from the HU to an even lower outout?

Or can you buy speaker to RCA conectors that do not lower the output as a LOc does?

Suggestions/Help greatly appreciated!!!
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