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How to connect Amp after Hi-Fi Coding???

Hi all,
Please can someone answer the follow.......

If I have my Professional HU coded to Hi-Fi (Base System, coded to Hi-Fi), how would I connect it to my Alpine F640 Amp? Do you use the HU speaker wires (as it has no RCA out) and if so, do I need to use a LOC to connect them to the Alpine Amp's RCA inputs? The Amp has speaker level inputs but they are high-level and I'm assuming after the Hi-Fi coding the HU speaker wires will be low level?

Although this seems like a simple question, I haven't been able to find the answer, even after hours of searching.

The only hint I found was to use the "Technic's harness", but as I have already installed all the wiring myself (as per the Alpine Upgrade) I would rather continue that way.

Any answers greatly appreciated!!
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