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Originally Posted by Guvernator View Post
I have had these BMS lights for several months now and here is my verdict. They are probably the best solution for pre-lci angel eyes at the moment as they aren't stupidly expensive like other makes and they are very bright, BUT for those expecting perfect angel eyes on all 4 lights, this isn't possible with just an LED swap on a pre-lci car no matter what LED bulbs you buy.

This is what they will do

Daylight - Inner rings bright, outer rings barely visible
Dusk - Inner rings very bright, outer rings low light
Nightime - Inner rings blindingly bright, outer rings medium brightness

Running the DRL is brighter, if you run dipped beams the LED angels eyes DO dim.

Full beams\Xenons on look the best with all lights and angel eyes looking the brightest, any other light position shows a very noticeable difference in luminosity between the inner and outer rings but this will be the case on any LED upgrade, you can't get the LCI look on a PRE-LCI car by just changing the bulbs but this is due to the cheap PRE-LCI lighting system that BMW chose to use rather than a limitation of the LED's.

Does anyone know of a way to get the full OSS LED light replacement here in the UK as that is the best option tbh?
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