Thread: 5.0 vs n54
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oh whatever... if the 5.0 is so bad ass buy one lol.. a new 5.0 in stock trim shouldn't beat a 335i with a tune and some E85 unless the 335i guy can't launch/drive. I haven't seen a stock 5.0 get out of the low 13s at the track here. magazine numbers and examples of FBO 5.0s with tune nitrous and skinnies in the front arent really relevant to the question. put it this way, take your car to the track (not vbox) the real track and see what you run vs the competitors. go a few times ( the busier the better) and you will get a feel for real world scenarios in your area. the 5.0 is an impressive car no doubt , but unless is has quite a bit done to it, I don't even blink at them on the road anymore bcuz like I stated, they are .5 to a whole second slower in the quarter than my car with just tune,dci and E85 mix. when I see them run mid 12s in street trim for 600 dollars in mods, I'll be impressed. WHEN I SEE IT HERE IN SOUTH FLORIDA*