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Originally Posted by Goofyguy View Post
To be fair, new to new. The 335 is more expensive, wont outrun the 5.0 in stock trims and would need more money to catch up. If you really want a magazine race, spend your 50k on a new 335i, then spend the exact same 50k on a 5.0 The car is 36k, add Kenne Bell for 6 more grand. Its still cheaper with 640hp. Thats new to new. As for used, the scenario gets even better for the Mustang. As for bang for the buck, your right, we can strap on over 100hp for less than 500 bucks, another 100hp for another 500 bucks. Still ricer math aside dollar for dollar E9x vs 5.0 Mustang new or used its going to win in a straight line. I work at a Ford dealership, I drive them daily so telling me whats wrong and right about the car is not needed. Fact is that its a very impressive motor, with a low price. As well if you wanna magazine race some more, put a Laguna Seca (55k car) against the M3. You might not want to see the car and driver version of that race.
good points and not disagreeing. I'll say this though, a new 5.0 cost as much or more than my 08 335i with minor mods. So by your standards I'm kickin ass lol. Will a modded 5.0 beat a modded 335i in the quarter mile ? Depends on the definition of modded. It all comes down to who can drive. Saying that 5.0s will out launch a 335i is too generic of a comment. None of it means anything until you heads up race them from a dig. I guarantee for every 5.0 that beat a 335i from a dig, there is a 335i that beat a 5.0 from a dig. Don't get me wrong, like I stated in my first post, the 5.0 is impressive. But guess what, so is the 335i. It's preference at this point. Either way, I hope to see some stock or near stock 5.0s in the 12s next time I'm at the track. Maybe every single 6.0 GTO, 5.0 mustang and camaro Ss I've seen running 12.8-14.0 completely sucked ass at driving? but I doubt that lol.