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well again, different cars but...

my old 330i used about 1L every 1500 miles, and it was at 80k miles. It just used that much pretty much non stop.

My 325i that i have now (e90) needed a top up when i bought it, and i put 1L in. So far I've driven it 3000 miles and its only just used half of that top up. I'm expecting to get between 5000-6000 miles before next top up. That is well within specs for that type of engine and is a level I'm happy with.

Whats not so cool is my mates E46 330i coupe, which uses 1L every 800-1000 miles and has done since he bought it. The CCV was replaced, and no evidence that it made any difference. Looks like valve seals probably!

my 530D on the other hand didnt use a single drop between services and it was on 160k miles!!!

I'd expect a 335i to have consumption on a similar level to my 325i, but perhaps a tad more due to the existence of a turbo and slightly more wear n tear due to the extra power. But Its till a 6 cylinder petrol and would expect it to be able to do at least a few thousand miles between top ups.