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Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post
e90post... kids picking up used n54's and magazine racing... is turning into e46fanatics
not sure who you are directing this to. My point was to say screw the magazine racing and supposed stock numbers for 0 to 60 1/4 mile etc. None of that matters in the real world. Case in point, last time at the track a supercharged Z06 was running mid 12s to low 13s. His best time was 12.28
yes his traps were in the 118-122mph range so on a highway from a roll he would smoke me. But at the track, from a dig, he only had one run to beat my best run of 12.4 is my car faster than his? NO! im not ignorant. Could i beat him in the quarter mile? On that night on that track with that driver, YES i did repeatedly post better times.
Case in point, put down the magazines, forget about the he said she said, and go to a track and see what you(generalized) run vs the competion.