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Originally Posted by Fully_Bolted View Post
I wouldnt expect much over 500whp, and thats when pushing the turbos. Onebadmofo recently posted his 93+ Meth dyno numbers at ~470ish which seems like a very realistic number to daily drive on (17.5ish psi) You can probably do a racegas + meth glory run and hit at or over 500whp, but its really pushing it. Also when Vishnu releases its upgraded low pressure fuel pump you can probably push past the 500whp barrier on E85.
THIS. A good, realistic number for a daily driver map on a pair of TD04s is probably going to HIGH 4xxwhp. If you're expecting much higher than that than you're probably going to be let down. A balls-to-the-walls map is obviously going to yield more power but I wouldn't want to DD that. Besides, it's not about the peak numbers. Its about the area under the curve.