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Originally Posted by Fully_Bolted View Post
I wouldnt expect much over 500whp, and thats when pushing the turbos. Onebadmofo recently posted his 93+ Meth dyno numbers at ~470ish which seems like a very realistic number to daily drive on (17.5ish psi) You can probably do a racegas + meth glory run and hit at or over 500whp, but its really pushing it. Also when Vishnu releases its upgraded low pressure fuel pump you can probably push past the 500whp barrier on E85.
Uhm.... Terry at BMS put down 495hp/492tq on 50/50 e85 with no meth 19psi. Tony at Vargas says theyll need to see over 21psi to see their max potential. I'll be running an n20 map sensor since the n54 won't read over 21psi so I can see how high I can crank the boost and still achieve gains. I'm hoping for 500+ on e85 and meth while still being in the compressors efficiency range.
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