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Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post
As much as I love the Z4, it's not a great track car in the sense that you can't haul any tires with you. So unless you're willing to buy a trailer for the car, or small one for tires and ruin your bumper, it's going to be tough. You run what you brung, lol.

My vote is e46 m3, just so many parts out there for cheap. My neighbor is / was selling his race prepped m3 for relatively cheap, considering the quality parts in it.
Z4M would require both a small 2-wheel trailer for tires/tools and a DD beater as I need a back seat for the DD part. But it's a sweet sweet car! e46 M3 is the logical choice, but the e92 M3 prices have tanked hence my dilemma...

If you guys want to pitch in, we can buy one of each and rotate cars between events...???