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Trying to Chose Wheels

Trying to choose a wheel for my Arctic e90.

My choices are
1. Sonic Tuning - ST1 in Silver; Low Pressure Cast Wheel.
Great deal on them right now.

2. Alufelgen CS7; Low Pressure Cast Wheel

3. Miro 111; Low Pressure Cast

4. Avant Garde M355 - M5 Style Wheel

Unfortunately I can't find pictures of the wheels on my car.
I want a strong wheel, but not into paying $4K for a set of forged wheels, so low pressure cast is almost a must. Not sure if the M355 is low pressure cast.

Anyway, I'm leaning toward the ST1 because it has the polished lip. All the wheels I'm looking at are silver except the M355 which has some black on it.
If it was just a pure money thing, I'd go with the ST1. I also don't want have wheels that look like everyone else.

Suggestions??? Only those 4.

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