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Originally Posted by jbimmer3 View Post
A little backstory.... Hoping someone can help out.

Car has logic 7.

8 months ago, deck had pixel issues. Picked up a new deck online. Worked great until yesterday.

Yesterday, No sound at all. Deck seems to be working fine. I picked up a new amp, thinking that was the problem. Still does not work.

Checked fiber optic cables, both have light, on the deck side, and the amp side. Side note, on MY06 the gong is not through the speakers.

Playing around with the deck, Pushed the "m" button. Information says "Hifi" and I notice my EQ setting are gone. ( pretty sure they were there on this new deck, but not sure)

Is it possible that the radio lost its logic 7 coding and reverted to hifi?
Or did I pick up a HiFi deck and not a logic 7 one?

...and if so would a "hifi" coded deck even play on a "logic 7" system.

I am at a loss for figuring this out. Willing to send a little cash to whoever can help me out.
Somehow it did.

Code it back to Top HiFi.