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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
anyways i will more than likely be installing the Turbos my self an There will possibly be a DIY up in that section on how to install the turbos
haha A DIY Turbo swap is not impossible, but without the right tools and a hoist I don't even think its a mod worth attempting. Most mechanics drop the sub-frame to get access to the turbos, to be honest, pay cash to one of your local aftermarket mechanics who specialize in BMW's and have them do it for piece of mind. A pro can have the old ones out in 5 hours and the new ones in before the end of the day if they work straight. Might run you $700-900 but thats the cost of having a 500HP monster

If your serious about doing this here is a quick list of tools off the top of my head...

T50 torx---Manifold Nuts
11mm deep socket---Manifold nuts
E8 external torx---Heat shields
T30 torx---Oil and Coolant lines
8mm---splash shields
E10 torx---Steering shaft
16mm---aluminum thrust plate
E14---motor mount
E12---water pump
13mm---v-clamps on cat
12mm---exhast collector

This is just off the top off my head. Dont forget the wastegates need to be adjusted, so you will need a vacuum pump. Again, I want to stress that this is not a light job. And not a job I would not want to do without a lift. The front turbo can actually come out the top, but the rear turbo has to come out the bottom.

Your most likely going to want to upgrade your oil lines as well. Pushing 500-550HP might sound unreal, but there are some mods your going to need to upgrade with that much HP. There is no point in upgrading the turbos and then spending money again to upgrade the clutch (assuming you run 6MT) so do all your upgrades at the same time as once the engine is exposed, all the extra upgrades can be done no problem. Do the turbos, and clutch at the same time (I see you already have DP's)

Just my .02 cents

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