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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Thanks Rudz.
Any comments on FI SSD?
Here you go Mak, straight from the horses mouth

If you are wanting deep clean hard hitting bass, with 1000W, I would look to a standard Q15. Since you have the space, a ported Q tuned to 30Hz in 4 cuft would work well. An SSD is normally rated at 800W, and the copper coil allows things to drop deeper and cleaner for an SSD, but it doesnt increase thermal capacity. If you are easy on things, saving $$$ with the SSD and copper coil would work. If you are tougher on things, then the Q15 standard would do great.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Fi Car Audio

Apparently there is a copper coil mod for a Fi SSD that allows deeper bass ? I've not researched this though
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