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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
Wait the subframe rail must be removed i thought it was the seering rack that needed to be dropped and then you have access, I'm 100% sure but i WILL be doing it. haha i work at a regular indy shop and that where i do my walnut shell blasting every weekend. I do have a ton of tools and the waste ages do come adjusted from Vargas. I'm pretty mechanical and if i had to pull the N54 guess what its coming out
but not gonna pay to get it done just cuz i work at a shop don't see the point.

Are you saying this off the top of you head from experience? haha
Oh if you work at a shop and you know your way around a car your fine. I thought you were gonna try this swap in your garage with the front end jacked up haha

Some of my family members own a mechanic shop, so I too grew up mechanically inclined and yes I 'AIDED' in a turbo swap but I was definitely not the solo captain of this project. I am 100% sure you need to drop the subframe which is why this DIY is almost impossible without the right tools. Your going to need a lift, transmission jack and the tools specified above for sure along with an engine brace to support the motor after you take the sub frame out...

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