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Originally Posted by gda_scooby View Post
Excellent source of information guys, thanks.

I have also recently purchased a 50 ebay tracker, not the same as the one above though.

Will get it installed in a few weeks time - looking forward to seeing how accurate it is.

Even if it gets within 100m thats a very good starting point.

Its great that your looking to improve security but why in a few weeks time, sooner rather than later would be my advise. You'd be amazed how many people comment about the security upgrades, do nothing, then a post appears about their car being nicked.

Simply hiding your OBD port and nothing else takes less that 20 minutes (can be done in 10 once you have done it before) and it costs Nothing!

Anyone who hasn't done that or some other form of security upgrade is just asking to have their pride and joy taken and I'm afraid if with all this publicity and forum threads, if your car does go because you haven't been bothered to take action, then i have no sympathy.

Hope that doesn't sound harsh and it wasn't directed at you in any way scooby. I just wish people would be more proactive at times