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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
FU*K lol damn I'm probably gonna have to pay my boss cuz I'm gonna take up the bay. for possibly a Day or 2 but tools I'm not worried about tools but time is an issue. + I'm a full time student. i might pay one of the guys at the shop to do it haha..

stupid subframe.
haha Tell your boss you'll pay him in beer

I'm not sure if your shop is open both Saturdays and Sundays. Assuming you guys are closed for Sundays, start the swap Saturday afternoon and then finish the swap on Sunday. That way your only taking up a lift during normal operational hours for half a day as Sunday the shop is closed to customers.

In my opinion, if your going to crank out 500-550HP your going to need to get around $2000 minimum of additional upgrades (for example clutch, upgrades fuel and coolant lines, gaskets, spark plugs, fuel injectors, coils, M3 rear suspension, LSD, you might want to keep a HPFP and a LPFP on hand) and thats just a few as there are more that you could do help ensure your car remains reliable. Your in a unique situation though, ask your boss to hep you out order the upgraded parts. He will be able to get them for you at dealer prices as he owns a shop. That should save you 15-20% on parts alone.

Going from 300 HP to 400HP is doable with stock equipment. Going from 400HP to over 500HP needs upgrades to a bunch of stuff.

Again, just my .02 cents and if you plan a DIY take pics or a video if possible as I don't think anyone has documented a turbo swap on here before.