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Originally Posted by dicostal View Post
WTF man that does not make me feel better at all.

My car has 60k miles, and had an issue with injector once and they replaced only the faulty injector under CPO. I love my car and it is tune with FBO and I drive it hard when i want but not everyday. Its been pretty reliable thus far, but you are freaking me out...
My car has been an anomoly compared to others with this misfire bug. I have had it come up so many times. I've been FBO+meth for over 2 years and meth will definitely cause the misfire bug to rear its head a lot easier.

Overall, I haven't had any major issues. Never had a lpfp or hpfp go out on me in 60k miles (replaced both becuase I wanted to). I did break my drive shaft, but I drag race my car A LOT. Well over 300 1/4 mile passes.
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